God has a mission for us

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to know, love, and serve the poor, the homeless, the vulnerable.

It’s funny how God works sometimes. On my spring break this past year, I went out to Denver, Colorado to visit a friend of mine who was a missionary with Christ in the City, a missionary organization that serves the poor. While there, I was struck by the beauty of the mountains, the community, and the mission. I returned to Connecticut with a sense of peace and joy that could only be from the Holy Spirit. This peace and joy remained with me for weeks, through the humdrum moments and the tough days.

That permanent sense of peace and joy made me nervous, though. What did it mean? Why was it sticking around? Was this something that the Lord was asking me to do? I started thinking and sure enough, things started to fall into place. Next thing I knew, I was applying for a year of service with CIC, fundraising, and preparing to move to Denver for a year!

But how incredible it is to take a moment to reflect back on these past few months in which the Lord made Himself so very present through His Spirit, in the large moments as well as the small, minute details. How amazing it is to think that the Lord of the universe – the Creator of Heaven and Earth, omnipotent, omniscient – would be involved in my small life on such a large scale. How amazing is it to think that God is involved in each and every one of our lives in such an intimate and personal way?

This same God has created you and me for a purpose, for a mission. For me, that mission lies in Denver, as I strive to know, love, and serve the poor. In my new ministry, I hope to bring the love of God to others in this wounded world – a mission in which we are all called to participate. I hope to do my part in this mission by helping those I serve to discover that they are loved, seen, known, and accompanied before anything else. I’ve been blessed to see the merciful, loving, healing presence of the Lord in my own life and I want others to experience that too.

I am humbled by the unexpected mission that God has created for me. With the grace of the Holy Spirit and the help of some very spiritually wise mentors, I was able to see the path of loving service that God presented to me. He’s created you for one too. Let us pray together for the wisdom and openness to accept it!

By: André Escaleira