Music in the Sacred Liturgy

Each week, beginning in mid-October and continuing until the first Sunday of Advent, The Leadership Institute will publish a series of articles that will be distributed at all parishes in the Diocese of Bridgeport as we await Bishop Caggiano’s promulgation of the Revised Liturgical Norms. 

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Have you ever been to Mass and been so moved by the music you look at the author’s name? You are so overwhelmed by the words, you have to know who penned such beauty? Music can be a powerful part of our liturgical experience. This week, read more about the power of music in Sacred Liturgy as we prepare for the promulgation of the Revised Liturgical Norms this Advent.

Music in the Sacred Liturgy

I will sing to the Lord as long as I live; I will sing praise to my God while I have being. Psalm 104:33

Music is a gift from God, and the capacity to make music dwells within each human person. Music is also – simultaneously – an individual and communal activity. It is music’s communal nature that makes it an ideal art form for use in Divine Worship. The primary animator of this art form in the liturgy is the assembly. At certain times the priest, the deacon, the choir, the musicians, the psalmist, and the cantor have specific roles of their own, but it is the assembly that participates in every moment of the liturgical celebration.

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