2019 St. Augustine Medal Recipients

Saint Mary Parish, Bethel: Mr. Robert & Mrs. Debra Nelson
Nominated by Reverend Corey V. Piccinino, Pastor

St. Mary School, Bethel: Mrs. Eleanor McClellan
Nominated by Mrs. Kate McDonald, Principal

Blessed Sacrament Parish, Bridgeport: Ms. Isidra Gonzalez
Nominated by Reverend Joseph J. Karcsinski, Parochial Administrator

Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Bridgeport, Bridgeport: Mr. George Alberto
Nominated by Mr. Albert Barber, President

Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Bridgeport, Bridgeport: Mr. Tony Giobbi
Nominated by Mr. Albert Barber, President

Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Bridgeport, Bridgeport: Mr. Jose Rivera
Nominated by Mr. Albert Barber, President

Development Department at the Diocese of Bridgeport, Bridgeport: Mr. Stephen & Mrs. Elena Schlegel
Nominated by Deacon Patrick Toole, Secretary of the Curia and Episcopal Delegate for Administration

Kolbe Cathedral High School, Bridgeport: Mr. Joshua & Mrs. Allana Zepeda
Nominated by Mrs. Camille Figluizzi, Principal

Our Lady of Fatima Parish, Bridgeport: Mrs. Alzira Alves
Nominated by Reverend Rogerio Perri, Parochial Administrator

Our Lady of Good Counsel Parish, Bridgeport: Mr. James Moss
Nominated by Deacon John DiTaranto, Pastoral Administrator

Saint Andrew Parish, Bridgeport: Ms. Denise Lauoie
Nominated by Reverend Eugene Szantyr, Pastor

Saint Ann Parish, Bridgeport: Ms. Linda Teja
Nominated by Reverend Elio Albano Sosa, Pastor

Saint Charles Borromeo Parish, Bridgeport: Mr. Marius Paul
Nominated by Reverend Monsignor Christopher J. Walsh, Pastor

Saint George Parish, Bridgeport: Mr. Juan Carlos Cuevas
Nominated by Reverend Pedro A. Sosa, IVE, Parochial Administrator

Saint Margaret Shrine, Bridgeport: Mr. Art Falco
Nominated by Reverend Giandomenico, Rector, and Deacon Donald Foust, Administrator

Saint Mary Parish, Bridgeport: Mr. Julio & Mrs. Maria Pineda
Nominated by Reverend Rolando Torres, Pastor

Saint Michael the Archangel Parish, Bridgeport: Mr. Ludwik Mudry
Nominated by Reverend Norbert Siwinski, O.F.M. Conv., Pastor

Saint Peter Parish, Bridgeport: Ms. Daisy Flores
Nominated by Reverend Jhon J. Gomez, Pastor

St. Ann Academy, Bridgeport: Mrs. Yves-Marie Morisset
Nominated by Mrs. Angela Pohlen, Head of School, and Mrs. Patricia Griffin, Principal

St. Augustine Academy, Bridgeport: Ms. Kamara Moodie
Nominated by Mrs. Angela Pohlen, Head of School, and Cheryl Tokarski, Principal

The Cathedral Parish, Bridgeport: Mr. Cuong & Mrs. Trac Nguyen
Nominated by Reverend Michael Novajosky, Pastor

Saint Joseph Parish, Brookfield: Ms. Barbara Anderson
Nominated by Reverend George F. O’Neill, Pastor

St. Joseph Catholic Academy, Brookfield: Mr. Pat & Mrs. Jen Conlon
Nominated by Mrs. Mary Maloney, Head of School, and Mrs. Pamela Fallon, Director of Education

Saint Marguerite Bourgeoys Parish, Brookfield: Mr. Scott & Mrs. Darleen Senete
Nominated by Reverend Shawn W. Cutler, Pastor

Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish, Danbury: Mr. Joao & Mrs. Isaura Verissimo
Nominated by Reverend Jose Brito-Martins, Parochial Administrator

Immaculate High School, Danbury: Mr. Stephen & Mrs. Nancy Sedensky
Nominated by Mrs. Mary Maloney, President, and Mrs. Wendy Neil, Principal

Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish, Danbury: Mrs. Angela Osorio
Nominated by Reverend John Jairo Perez, Pastor

Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish, Danbury: Mr. Emil & Mrs. Karen Cerno
Nominated by Reverend Peter J. Towsley, Pastor

Saint Gregory the Great Parish, Danbury: Mr. Mark & Mrs. Theresa Grube
Nominated by Reverend Michael L. Dunn, Pastor

St. Gregory the Great School, Danbury: Mr. John & Mrs. Julie Poklemba
Nominated by Mrs. Suzanne Curra, Principal

Saint Joseph Parish, Danbury: Mr. Mark Azzara
Nominated by Reverend Samuel V. Scott, Pastor

St. Joseph School, Danbury: Mr. Peter & Mrs. Kale Gibowicz
Nominated by Mr. Louis Howe, Jr., Principal

Saint Peter Parish, Danbury: Mr. John Gogliettino
Nominated by Reverend Gregg Mecca, Pastor

St. Peter School, Danbury: Mrs. Velva Posca
Nominated by Mrs. MaryLou Torre, Principal

Saint John Parish, Darien: Mr. Tom & Mrs. Janet Griffin
Nominated by Reverend Francis T. Hoffmann, Pastor

Saint Thomas More Parish, Darien: Mr. Arthur and Mrs. Patricia Sandor
Nominated by Reverend Paul G. Murphy, Pastor

Notre Dame of Easton, Easton: Mr. Charles & Mrs. Mary Welch
Nominated by Reverend Michael P. Lyons, Pastor

Holy Family Parish, Fairfield: Mr. James Fitzpatrick
Nominated by Reverend Norman J. Guilbert, Pastor

Our Lady of the Assumption Parish, Fairfield: Ms. Kathleen Raiselis
Nominated by Reverend Peter A. Cipriani, Pastor

Assumption Catholic School, Fairfield: Mrs. Cynthia Doak
Nominated by Mr. Steve Santoli, Principal

Saint Anthony of Padua, Fairfield: Mr. Fredric & Mrs. Monica Wheeler
Nominated by Dr. Eleanor Sauers, Parish Life Coordinator

Notre Dame High School, Fairfield: Mr. William & Mrs. Melanie Trutt
Nominated by Mr. Christopher Cipriano, Principal

Saint Emery Parish, Fairfield: Mr. Robert Adriani & Mrs. Colleen Kearney
Nominated by Reverend Milan Dimic, Pastor

Saint Pius X Parish, Fairfield: Mr. Thomas & Mrs. Lynn Dolan
Nominated by Reverend Samuel S. Kachuba, Pastor

Saint Thomas Aquinas Parish, Fairfield: Mr. Jeff & Mrs. MaryJo Dunne
Nominated by Reverend Victor T. Martin, Pastor

St. Thomas Aquinas School, Fairfield: Mr. Fiore & Mrs. Carmela LoStumbo
Nominated by Dr. Patrick Higgins, Principal

St. Catherine Academy, Fairfield: Mr. Joseph & Mrs. Carrie Sindelar, Jr.
Nominated by Mrs. Helen Burland, Executive Director, and Mr. Eric Spencer, Director of Education

Sacred Heart Parish, Georgetown: Mrs. Ewa Ojarovska
Nominated by Reverend David C. Leopold, Pastor

Greenwich Catholic School, Greenwich: Mr. Mario & Mrs. Maria Elena Gaztambide
Nominated by Mrs. Patrice Kopas, Principal

Sacred Heart Parish, Greenwich: Mr. Luis & Mrs. Isabel Santana
Nominated by Reverend Bose Raja Selvaraj, Pastor

Saint Mary Parish, Greenwich: Mrs. Ana Gregori
Nominated by Reverend Cyprian La Pastina, Pastor

Saint Michael the Archangel Parish, Greenwich: Mr. Peter & Mrs. Barbara Ripp
Nominated by Reverend Ian Jeremiah, Pastor

Saint Paul Parish, Greenwich: Ms. Catherine Lesta
Nominated by Reverend Leszek P. Szymaszek, Pastor

Saint Jude Parish, Monroe: Mr. Raymond & Mrs. Regina Schwartz on behalf of the Finance Council
Nominated by Reverend Henry J. Hoffman, Pastor

Saint Aloysius Parish, New Canaan: Mr. Michael Musilli
Nominated by Reverend Robert M. Kinnally, Pastor

St. Aloysius School, New Canaan: Mrs. Adriana Heger
Nominated by Dr. John Alfone, Principal

Saint Edward the Confessor Parish, New Fairfield: Mr. Don Mallozzi
Nominated by Reverend Nicholas A. Cirillo, Pastor

Saint Rose of Lima Parish, Newtown: Mr. Anthony Rowan
Nominated by Reverend Monsignor Robert E. Weiss, Pastor

St. Rose of Lima School, Newtown: Mrs. Lisa Ghosh
Nominated by Mr. Bardhyl Gjoka, Principal

All Saints School, Norwalk: Mr. Bruce Gall
Nominated by Mrs. Linda Dunn, Principal

Saint Jerome Parish, Norwalk: Mrs. Judith Donnehy
Nominated by Reverend Rojin Karickal Mammachan, Pastor

Saint Joseph Parish, Norwalk: Mr. Efrain Vargas
Nominated by Reverend Peter F. Lenox, Pastor

Saint Ladislaus Parish, Norwalk: Mr. Paul & Mrs. Debbie Soos
Nominated by Reverend Juan Gabriel Acosta, Pastor

Saint Mary Parish, Norwalk: Ms. Carolina Demenezes
Nominated by Reverend F. John Ringley, Jr., Pastor

Saint Matthew Parish, Norwalk: Mr. Carl & Mrs. Christine Lecher
Nominated by Reverend Monsignor Walter C. Orlowski, Pastor

Saint Philip Parish, Norwalk: Mrs. Constance Keavney
Nominated by Reverend Sudhir Dsouza, Pastor

Saint Thomas the Apostle Parish, Norwalk: Mrs. Anne Marie Walsh
Nominated by Reverend Miroslaw Stachurski, Pastor

Saint Patrick Parish, Redding Ridge: Mr. Joseph Bonomo & Mrs. Janet Storace
Nominated by Reverend Joseph Cervero, Pastor

Saint Elizabeth Seton Parish, Ridgefield: Mr. Victor & Mrs. Jody Lampasso
Nominated by Reverend Joseph Prince, Pastor

Saint Mary Parish, Ridgefield: Mr. Bernard & Mrs. Janie Nneji
Nominated by Reverend Monsignor Kevin Royal, Pastor

St. Mary School, Ridgefield: Mr. Dayan & Mrs. Sherry Anandappa
Nominated by Mrs. Anna O’Rourke, Principal

St. Catherine of Siena and St. Agnes Parish, Riverside: Mr. Edward & Mrs. Patricia McCulloch
Nominated by Reverend William F. Platt, Pastor

Holy Trinity Catholic Academy School, Shelton: Mr. Fred Santore
Nominated by Mrs. Lisa Lanni, Principal

Saint Joseph Parish, Shelton: Mr. Paul Gaetano
Nominated by Reverend Michael Dogali, Pastor

Saint Lawrence Parish, Shelton: Ms. Gail Donnelly
Nominated by Reverend Michael K. Jones, Pastor

Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque Parish, Shelton: Mr. Tom & Mrs. Debbie Jensen
Nominated by Reverend Ciprian Bejan, Pastor

Cardinal Kung Academy, Stamford: Mr. Leon & Mrs. Nancy Grimm
Nominated by Mrs. Barbara Logsdail, Principal

Holy Name of Jesus Parish, Stamford: Mr. Piotr Brakoniecki
Nominated by Reverend Pawel M. Hrebenko, Pastor

Holy Spirit Parish, Stamford: Mrs. Kathryn King
Nominated by Reverend Luke Suarez, Parochial Administrator

Our Lady Star of the Sea Parish, Stamford: Mrs. Margaret Broderick
Nominated by Reverend Piotr K. Smolik, Pastor

Sacred Heart Parish, Stamford: Mr. Leonard D’Andrea
Nominated by Reverend Alfonso Picone, Pastor

Saint Benedict-Our Lady of Montserrat Parish, Stamford: Ms. Rosaura Gomez
Nominated by Reverend Gustavo A. Falla, Pastor

Saint Mary Parish, Stamford: Ms. Patricia Umile
Nominated by Reverend Gustavo A. Falla, Pastor

Saint Bridget of Ireland Parish, Stamford: Mr. Hans & Mrs. Marylou Bosse
Nominated by Reverend Edward McAuley Jr., Pastor

Saint Cecilia-Saint Gabriel Parish, Stamford: Mrs. Victoria Alton
Nominated by Reverend John Connaughton, Pastor

Saint Clement of Rome Parish, Stamford: Mr. Doug Melillo
Nominated by Reverend Carlos Rodrigues, Pastor

Saint Leo Parish, Stamford: Mr. John J. Kennedy
Nominated by Reverend James D. Grosso, Pastor

Saint Maurice Parish, Stamford: Mrs. Donna Hughes
Nominated by Reverend Alfred A. Riendeau, Pastor

The Basilica of Saint John the Evangelist Parish, Stamford: Mrs. Sue & 
Ms. Diane Kremheller
Nominated by Reverend Monsignor Stephen DiGiovanni, Pastor

The Catholic Academy of Stamford, Stamford: Mrs. Keri LaRa
Nominated by Ms. Patricia Brady, Head of School, and Ms. Christine Wagner, Principal

Trinity Catholic High School, Stamford: Mrs. Sue Oates
Nominated by Ms. Patricia Brady, Head of School, and Mr. Scott Smith, Principal

Holy Name of Jesus Parish, Stratford: Mrs. Maria Mucciacciaro
Nominated by Reverend Albert G. Pinciaro, Pastor

Our Lady of Grace Parish, Stratford: Mr. David & Mrs. Elizabeth Christiansen
Nominated by Reverend Monsignor Martin P. Ryan, Pastor

Our Lady of Peace Parish, Stratford: Ms. Barbara Moroson
Nominated by Reverend Nicholas S. Pavia, Pastor

Saint James Parish, Stratford: Ms. Noranne Donovan
Nominated by Reverend Arthur Mollenhauer, Pastor

St. James School, Stratford: Mr. Mark & Mrs. Toni Piazza
Nominated by Mr. Jack E. Lynch, Principal

Saint Mark Parish, Stratford: Mrs. Christine Pfeiffer
Nominated by Reverend Birendra Soreng, Pastor

St. Marks School, Stratford: Mr. Ryan & Mrs. Jennifer Tayman
Nominated by Mrs. Melissa Warner, Principal

Christ the King Parish, Trumbull: Mr. Ronald & Mrs. Karen Laracea
Nominated by Reverend Terrence P. Walsh, Pastor

Saint Catherine of Siena Parish, Trumbull: Mr. Salvatore Spadaccino
Nominated by Reverend Joseph A. Marcello, Pastor

St. Catherine of Siena School, Trumbull: Mrs. Tracy Ferreira
Nominated by Mrs. Rachel Ambrosio, Principal

Saint Stephen Parish, Trumbull: Mr. Gerard Agoglia
Nominated by Reverend Christopher J. Samele, Pastor

Saint Theresa Parish, Trumbull: Mr. Thomas & Mrs. Sheelah Brown
Nominated by Reverend Brian P. Gannon, Pastor

St. Theresa School, Trumbull: Mrs. Susan Turotsy
Nominated by Mr. Salvatore M. Vittoria, Principal

St. Joseph High School, Trumbull: Mr. Richard & Mrs. Cynthia Andrzejewski
Nominated by Dr. William F. Fitzgerald, President

Saint Francis of Assisi Parish, Weston: Mr. Michael & Mrs. Christine Purdy
Nominated by Reverend Jeffrey W. Couture, Pastor

Church of the Assumption Parish, Westport: Mrs. Gloria Licari
Nominated by Reverend Cyrus M. Bartolome, Pastor

Saint Luke Parish, Westport: Ms. Alice Davidson
Nominated by Reverend Monsignor Andrew G. Varga, Pastor

Our Lady of Fatima Parish, Wilton: Mrs. Nicole Wampler
Nominated by Reverend Reginald Norman, Pastor

Our Lady of Fatima School, Wilton: Mr. Gerry & Mrs. Clara Taveras
Nominated by Mr. Stanley Steele, Principal