A Fatima Birthday Surprise for a Bridgeport Legend

BRIDGEPORT- Family, Friends and Bridgeport City Council representatives gathered at St. Augustine Cathedral earlier this February to honor and celebrate a one of a kind Bridgeport legend and beloved native son Mr. Frank D’Ausilio, on his 85th Birthday milestone. The extraordinary day (2/27/2020) was full of amazing surprises!

Frank D’Ausilio is a true Catholic superstar layman.  He has lived during the most eventful century of this world’s history, in his quiet optimistic way, dedicated to his Catholic faith, family and friends.  Frank has demonstrated in countless ways his dedication as a Bridgeport Community Advocate and Mentor to the welfare of others and has earned the respect and affection of people from all walks of life and all ages during his long and productive lifetime.

For over 40 years, Frank D’Ausilio served with dedication as Head Custodian at the Bridgeport Police Department Headquarters, St. Vincent’s Medical Center, and the Cathedral Parish. He has been very active and a supporter of “Swim across the Sound” and a Marian Volunteer assisting nursing home and hospital patients.  Frank is also a long time member of 52 years in the Knights of Columbus Global Fraternity Service Organization and 23 years in the Holy Spirit Fraternity Secular Franciscan Order.  His Catholic faith has guided him throughout his entire life and he has learned to seek truth through his many years of pilgrimages traveling to holy sites where he prays with various Christian communities near and far.

Beginning in 1960 through the 1970’s Frank D’Ausilio along with fellow Catholic champion and mentor Dr. Joseph Fida DDS traveled throughout the Bridgeport and Hartford Dioceses with a blessed life-sized personal replica of a Pilgrim Statue of Our Dear Lady of Fatima from Portugal.  The inspiring message they brought forth to all parishes and hospital patients was one of FAITH, HOPE, MERCY, LOVE, and PEACE which produced good fruit that helped thousands of people heal spiritually and physically.

 On the festive birthday occasion a spectacular guest of honor arrived at St. Augustine Parish, the original 1972 New York State Travelling Pilgrim Fatima.  Frank D’Ausilio and all of the parishioners were overjoyed and moved by the loving tribute in the presence of Our Dear Lady of Fatima.  In thanksgiving, heartfelt prayers were offered which included the most holy rosary, litanies, Marian hymns, and a procession inside the Parish led by Reverend Fr. Michael Novajosky.

The 85th Birthday Mass of joyful celebration was a slice of Heaven on Earth presided by Reverend Fr. Michael Novajosky, Cathedral Director along with a superb and multi-talented angelic choir performance orchestrated by Dr. Sam Schmitt, Musical Director Extraordinaire.  After the conclusion of the Holy Mass, Mr. Frank D’Ausilio humbly accepted a lifetime achievement proclamation award on his 85th Birthday from a City Council Representative on behalf of Honorable Bridgeport Mayor Joseph Ganim who expressed congratulations and best wishes.

Reverend Dr. Herron Gaston, Assistant Chief Administrator for the Office of Mayoral Leadership and Chaplain of the Bridgeport Police Department said that Frank D’Ausilio radiates a joyful loving spirit and has found peace, faith, clarity, and strength in the church community. “He truly is a witness of the Light of CHRIST, the Grace of GOD, and the Spirit of TRUTH through his Catholic faith.  Congratulations Mr. Frank D’Ausilio, a true Bridgeport Treasurer as  I am honored to celebrate with family and friends and do hereby proclaim on behalf of Bridgeport Mayor Joseph Ganim, Thursday, February 27, 2020, as “Frank D’Ausilio Day.

At the conclusion of the recognition award ceremony, Fr. Michael Novajosky graciously thanked Reverend Dr. Herron Gaston and on behalf of Bishop Frank Caggiano presented him with a beautifully impressive full-color classic statue of St. Michael, the Archangel, the Greatest Warrior of Heaven and Earth for the Office of Bridgeport Mayor Joseph Ganim.

Fr. Michael Novajosky said that under the leadership of Bishop Frank Caggiano all parishes have been encouraged to recite daily the powerful St. Michael prayer and after each Mass invokes special protection for the intentions of the Bridgeport Community.

Frank D’Ausilio was gifted with an exquisite hand-carved statue of Our Lady of Fatima from Portugal and humbly extended a heartfelt thank you to all family, friends, and city officials gathered.  He shared with a twinkling smile and infectious laugh, “that he is a blessed man and what a great honor it was to accompany Our Lady of Fatima with Dr. Joseph Fida.”

The final birthday surprise was held in the rectory of St. Augustine that included a celebration luncheon and a favorite treat of Frank, a cannoli filled birthday cake.

Written by Cindy Lucignano