A lesson in humility at Dunkin Donuts

Humility is a fundamental virtue that each Christian must strive to deepen in our lives. However, sometimes it is a gift that we receive from the most unlikely places.

Two weeks ago, as I was returning to the seminary, I stopped at a Dunkin’ to get a cup of coffee. The staff has always been very friendly and attentive and last week was no different. However, what was new (and caused me great pause) was what the cashier did when I tried to pay for the coffee. After she rang up the full amount, she looked up from the cash register, looked me straight in the face, smiled and hit the button for the “10% senior citizen discount”! At first, I did not notice and gave her the full amount, for which she returned more change than I expected. It was only after I noticed the discount did I thank her, walk away and rediscover the unexpected power of humility.

I often joke about being old, now that I turned 60. However, it is quite a different matter when the world begins to officially recognize me as a “senior citizen”. Humility, which means recognizing and embracing the truth, is a precious gift that even the world can help us to attain.

Since that morning two weeks ago, I have been reflecting upon what aging really means. I am beginning to sense a deeper awareness and gratitude in my heart for all the blessings that I have received in my life. I also have begun to reflect on how I need to slowly adapt the pace of my life to the reality of my years, giving myself more license to be gentle with the demands that I place upon me. I am also beginning to appreciate in a new way the precious gift that each day is from the hand of God.

I have always considered myself to be a good catechist. Who would have thought that I would have found a great catechist at Dunkin Donuts?

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