A Passionate and Profound Healing Mass, in honor of Our Lady of Good Counsel

by Steven Filizzola

Our Lady of Good Counsel in Bridgeport celebrated a passionately joyful Friday evening on April 26th, the feast of their Patroness.

A healing Mass, celebrated by Father Adriano Biccheri, was full of love, joy and forgiveness. Parishioners, including those old and young and several visiting from other parishes, came for spiritual, physical and emotional healing, as well as for the profound beauty and powerful experience of a healing Mass.

Koinonia members, and those in the choir, “sang in tongues” and joined in communion with God, creating an angelic sound. Rays of the setting sun illuminated the stained glass windows above the main doors, lighting up the Church. Those filling the pews prayed for the healing of others and for themselves, and did so with a spiritual passion that a Healing Mass kindles.

After Mass, parishioners old and new gathered in the hall to share dinner and celebrate the feast of their Patroness, Our Lady of Good Counsel. It was also an occasion to begin looking forward to their upcoming 75th Parish anniversary. This 2025 milestone will not be just a celebration of a mere duration of years. It will be a tribute to a parish that had, not long ago, toiled to reach a 70th year. Through a purpose driven devotion and dedication, the support of Bishop Caggiano, and the arrival of the joyfully inspiring Koinonia, their renaissance will soon lead them to year seventy-five.

The Koinonia, who arrived two years ago, is an association of the Christian faithful, committed to spreading the Gospel as part of the New Evangelization. Their passionate culture encourages the congregation of small groups outside of Church, including houses of prayer in which parishioners gather at a home for communal prayer. This custom is practiced among parishioners at our Lady of Good Counsel, an opportunity that is considered a joyful blessing.

As Father Adriano explained, “According to the inspiration followed by the committed members of the community, there is no better way to honor their Patroness than by initiating processes of evangelization through prayer and joyful hospitality.”

As one proud and jubilant parishioner noted, “We thank God for sending Koinonia John the Baptist to start an Oasis in Bridgeport. They are an amazing community of loving and committed people who have turned into our family.”

Our Lady of Good Counsel continues her return to full Glory. Their faith-filled Spanish community, working in harmony with their fellow parishioners, makes their “Little Church that Could” even stronger. Their mission is to engage and accompany others on their faith journey with their profound message: Come and experience the True Love of Christ! All are welcome… All are Loved!