ACA video spotlights New “Faces of Need”

BRIDGEPORT—The Diocese has released its second 2020 Annual Catholic Appeal (ACA) video, “New Faces of Need,” as it asks the faithful throughout Fairfield Count to give generously to this year’s emergency appeal.

The video is meant to accompany the re-launch of the ACA, which was halted in March as a result of the Coronavirus crisis and its impact on parishes, schools and diocesan ministries. In the first video the Bishop praises the heroic response of all frontline workers during the crisis and he noted that many people who never had to ask for help in the past have come forward to seek food and other assistance.

“As the human toll from this terrible pandemic continues to increase in our midst, I am aware of the great suffering that a growing number of our neighbors are experiencing. Your generosity allows us to continue the mission of the Church and provide for these “new faces of need” in our midst,” said Bishop Frank J. Caggiano in announcing the video.

“As we anticipate Pentecost Sunday in the coming weeks and commemorate the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles, Pope Francis reminds us, “The Spirit is peace in the midst of restlessness, confidence in the midst of discouragement, joy in sadness, youth in aging, courage in the hour of trial, “ the bishop said.

The three-minute video, produced by Brian Russell of Fairfield, offers a brief glimpse into three lives struggling with the pandemic; a homeless man who relies on Merton Center for food and to help rebuild his life; a mother who visit the food pantry to help feed her family, and students from Catholic Academy of Stamford who miss their classmates but are appreciative of the online learning provided by the school.

ACA director Pam Rittman, who coordinated the video, said she hopes the video shows the impact of the coronavirus on every aspect of the diocese from increasing demand in its soup kitchens and food pantries, to the need to make a quick transition to distance learning in schools, while also providing sacramental preparation and faith formation on line.

Rittman said that now more than ever the ACA is responding to the emergency needs of people throughout the diocese and that a strong Spring response is crucial in providing resources to diocesan ministries in a time of crisis.

Please make a gift online at or text the word APPEAL to 475.241.7849. All donations of whatever amount will help us to help those in need.)

Click here for the video.