How Your Gift is Used

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Planned Allocation of Annual Catholic Appeal Funds
Each year, the Diocese of Bridgeport assesses its financial resources, the needs of parishioners and its ability to respond effectively and with compassion. This illustration is an overview of how your Appeal contributions will be distributed:

Catholic Education $2,000,000
To benefit the works of the Catholic Academy of Bridgeport and Bishop’s Scholarship Fund.

  • Bishop’s Scholarship Fund $1,700,000
  • Catholic Academy of Bridgeport $300,000

Charity and Justice $2,175,000
To benefit the works of Catholic Charities and pastoral care of the sick and elderly.

  • Catholic Charities of Fairfield County $1,250,000
  • Pastoral Care of the Sick and Elderly $925,000

Catechesis and Evangelization $1,401,000
To benefit the works of catechesis, evangelization, communications and social media.

  • Catechesis and Evangelization Programs $701,000
  • Communication and Social Media $700,000

Clergy $3,483,000
To benefit the formation of priests and deacons and pastoral care of retired priests.

  • Formation of Priests and Deacons $1,817,000
  • Pastoral Care of Retired Priests $1,666,000

Social and Pastoral Services $1,470,000
To benefit St. Catherine Center for Special Needs, pastoral life and ministries, youth ministry and lay leadership.

  • Pastoral Life and Ministries $950,000
  • Youth $270,000
  • St. Catherine Center for Special Needs $250,000