Advent Poster Reaches 15,000 Downloads!

BRIDGEPORT—The Leadership Institute creates a poster for Advent, Lent, and Summer.

This year’s Advent poster includes “25 ways to use the season of Advent, with all its waiting and hoping, to prepare for the coming of Christ at Christmas,” and has already reached 15,000 downloads.

The colorful poster is a great resource for families and parishes, and all those who wish to immerse themselves in this holy season in preparation for the joy of Christmas.

In addition to the popular Advent poster, The Leadership Institute has also compiled a list of the best Advent resources available, just in time to help you and your families celebrate Advent well. They are even categorized for an easy search.

The idea for the posters is one that began years ago when Donovan was the director of youth and young adult ministry in the Diocese of Wilmington, DE. Parishes were looking for a way to engage young people during Lent one year, so Donovan and his team put together 40 ways to live Lent. In its first year, more than three-quarters of the parishes distributed posters to students and families.

When Donovan arrived in the Diocese of Bridgeport in 2016, the idea came with him. The Advent and Lenten posters are now in their third years and last year the Institute added a Summer of Saintliness poster, which was downloaded more than 3,500 times. In addition, the Institute printed and distributed more than 7,500 copies.

“The use of images and infographics is paramount in today’s world,” Donovan said. “We are a culture that communicates in emojis, images, short videos, and graphics. We know from our research that young people learn more effectively from images than from written words. All we’ve done is harness that power to engage young people and families to learn more about their faith.”

This year, the Advent poster was ready early. Parishes, schools, and families had the opportunity to request printed copies before November 1. The copies were mailed to parishes or picked up at the Catholic Center. More than 11,000 copies were printed in English and Spanish and mailed to parishes or families. Requests were received as far away as Texas and California. After November 1, only the digital download was available.

A limited number of copies of printed copies are still available from The Leadership Institute or by visiting the Catholic Center at 238 Jewett Ave, Bridgeport, CT. The Catholic Center is open from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday.

Looking ahead, The Leadership Institute will begin taking requests for the 2020 Lenten poster in January. In the first quarter of 2020, they will release their latest infographic, Understanding the Mass, which will include a step-by-step overview of Sacred Liturgy as well as QR codes that will let anyone with a smartphone link directly to video tutorials, quizzes, and more.

Digital downloads of the 2019 poster are available here: 25 Ways to Use Advent for Christmas

Advent Resources (and plenty of other useful resources) are available at