Ambassadors will go into the world “with the power of Christ”

BRIDGEPORT— “Go out together as brothers and sisters with a listening heart and a heart that doesn’t judge. We have the power of Christ,” said Bishop Frank J. Caggiano during his homily for The Pontifical Mass for the Evangelization of Peoples with the Commissioning of Ambassadors celebrated at the Cathedral on Saturday.

More than 200 diocesan ambassadors who have been training for a year and a half to welcome people back to the Church were formally commissioned by Bishop Caggiano, who praised them for their participation, dedication, and commitment to the program of diocesan renewal.

He said their “willingness to go out into the world that needs the Lord and is moving in the wrong direction” is important work that can bring healing to those who have left the Church and to people of good will who are seeking meaning in their lives.

In thanking the ambassadors, the bishop told them his hope is that this and other efforts by the Diocese of Bridgeport will lead help the Church in to “true pastoral and spiritual renewal.”

After what Bishop Caggiano described as a period of “formation and fraternity,” the newly commissioned ambassadors were visibly joyous and inspired to begin their ministry on an unseasonably warm day that cleared into bright sunshine as they emerged from the Church.

Readings were delivered in English and Spanish and included Saint Paul’s Letter to the Romans,” As it is written, How beautiful are the feet of those who bring the good news!”

Each of the ambassadors received a small cross that was blessed by the bishop during the Mass. “Father of holiness, you willed the cross of your Son to be the source of all blessings, the fount of all grace. Bless these crosses and grant they those who will preach the crucified Christ may themselves strive to be transformed into his image,” the bishop prayed.

In the “Prayer of Blessing, ” the bishop prayed with outstretched hands over the ambassadors,
“Send your abundant blessing upon them as they embrace this important ministry a, and make their work fruitful for their parishes and for our diocese,” he prayed. “Make their words the echo of Christ’s voice, so that those who hear them may be drawn to obey the Gospel. Fell the hearts of these, your missionaries with the Holy Spirit.”

Pontifical Mass for the Evangelization of Peoples with the Commissioning of Ambassadors
Join Bishop Frank as he celebrates Mass and commissions the Diocesan Ambassadors today at St. Augustine Cathedral.

The bishop told the ambassadors that their ministry should not simply stop at the official activities they do to welcome people back to the Church. “It should not just be those extraordinary moments,” he said, but also the small moments they share with family and friends.

He told the men and women gathered that their ministry should be infused in every aspect of their lives, “You do it by being you and showing the world who is the center of your life.”

The bishop was also quick to note that their work will not be without challenge and suffering as they seek to “be an agent of Christ’s healing” in a world that is broken, wounded and burdened with sin.

He assured them that they would never be alone as they witness to the Lord because Christ will always be with them.

“May the Spirit of the Lord be upon you, enabling you as you go through the world to bring the Good News to the lowly and to heal the brokenhearted,” the Bishop said as he prayed a the final Solemn Blessing over the ambassadors to conclude the commissioning.

Before the recessional hymn, “Go to the World,” the Bishop thanked the pastors who con-celebrated the mass with him and other who attended to support their ambassadors. He also thanked Fr. Mike Novajosky and Dr. Patrick Donovan for leading the Ambassador training, and he announced that Deacon John DiTaranto will coordinate the second training cohort scheduled to begin in November.

The beautiful music for the Mass and Commissioning Ceremony was provided by the Cathedral Choir under the leadership of Paul Murray, Musical Director and Organist.

The next cohort of ambassadors begins early in November. Pastors have been asked to submit the names and email addresses of any new participants Anyone with questions or those who would have an interest in serving as an ambassador may use the following email address to

Photos by Amy Mortensen