Articles By: Dan Carney

Vietnamese New Year Honors Family

BRIDGEPORT—Children, parents, grandparents, extended family and friends filled St. Augustine Cathedral on February 15 as Bishop Frank J. Caggiano joined the Vietnamese community in welcoming the Vietnamese New Year. “This is the most important holiday of the year for our culture,” says Father Augustine Nguyen, episcopal vicar for Vietnamese in the Diocese of Bridgeport.

“Don’t Jump” Campaign Challenges Physician-Assisted Suicide

HARTFORD—“Don’t Jump” is the rallying cry of a new media campaign that is being launched today to challenge the proposed legislation that would make it legal for a doctor to prescribe medication to end someone’s life in Connecticut. The campaign’s message aims to urge state legislators and residents against rushing to a decision about physician-assisted suicide without knowing all the facts and weighing the options.

Whose Life Is It Anyway: Thoughts on Physician Assisted Suicide

In college I wrote a medical ethics paper on a play entitled Whose Life Is It Anyway? That old paper came to mind recently when I learned that the campaign for physician assisted suicide has been gaining momentum. The renewed push to legalize “aid in dying,” or “death with dignity,” as various groups euphemistically call it, is the result of positive media coverage in the wake of a young terminally ill woman’s decision to end her life on her own terms and at the precise moment of her choosing.

Repent and Believe in the Gospel

Ash Wednesday is one of the liveliest days in the life of an American Catholic parish. Before the Internet and voicemail, parish telephones would start ringing a few days before Ash Wednesday and often ring right through Ash Wednesday itself. These days—maybe because of technology—it seems that parish telephones ring a little less around Ash Wednesday. However, it is still likely that someone seeking ashes will frantically call a parish around 10:00 pm on Ash Wednesday night to see if ashes are still being distributed!

Bishop Caggiano interviewed for PBS “Italian Americans”

Bishop No Comments

BRIDGEPORT—Among those interviewed, for the new PBS series “The Italian Americans” is new Bridgeport Bishop Frank J. Caggiano, a native of Brooklyn and lifelong resident until his installation as leader of the Church in Fairfield County in 2013. Born in the Gravesend section of Brooklyn on Easter Sunday March 29, 1959, the son of a longshoreman and the second of two children.