Articles By: John Grosso

Beginning Our Lenten Journey

BRIDGEPORT—Journey through Lent with the help of Lenten resources compiled by the diocesan Leadership Institute. According to Patrick Donovan, the Lenten resources include a checklist for Lenten practices, FAQs about Lent, Fasting resources, and other guidance to deepen your spiritual life and immerse yourself in the Lenten season.

Statement on Sacred Heart Greenwich

The Diocese of Bridgeport is aware of the issues at Sacred Heart Greenwich, and has urged all involved to work toward a resolution that conforms to Catholic teaching while being respectful of the diverse views within the school community.

A strong respect for the right to life is at the core of Catholic teaching and identity.

As such the diocese fully supports the commitment of Head of School Pamela Hayes to affirm the Church’s teaching, while also recognizing and respecting the right of students to question and challenge as they grow in the learning process and prepare to address the important moral and ethical issues they will face in their lives.


Entering the Desert: A Reflection from Bishop Frank

Bishop No Comments

During his time in the Holy Land, Bishop Frank and 30 Young Adults took a surprise detour to the desert before entering the holy city of Jerusalem. Read his reflection from that surprising moment here:

One of the most powerful moments during my recent pilgrimage to the Holy Land was an unexpected detour into the Judean desert. Our guide, Father Paul, called it his “surprise”. In fact, the Lord also had many surprises to offer me and my fellow pilgrims during the 30 minutes we spent in the desert.


Filled with Joy- A Story about C4Y

Joining C4Y just last year, I have grown to love it tremendously. Beginning with the first rehearsal, I have forever been filled with joy. Fairly quickly, I met several young men and women who share in the same love for Jesus as I do, developing strong friendships. Besides with other singers, I have had the opportunity to form a relationship with Mrs. Higgins. She serves as an extreme role model of the faith for me as I can see the face of God in her in everything she does. I clearly recognize the Gifts of the Holy Spirit working within her as she loves every singer, forming a family among all of us. I have learned that as we sing, we are praying twice, and using our charisms to bring happiness to every person that hears us.

Most importantly, I have been encouraged by Mrs. Higgins to draw closer into my relationship with Jesus Himself. During my first performance with C4Y, I felt the Real Presence of God and experienced His grace as the Holy Spirit came to me. Ever since, I have forever been changed. Every performance I have the same experience, which encourages me to evangelize to others. By sharing with others, it allows me to meet young people who have experienced the same as me. With my witness, I can bring those who cannot recognize God to Him by serving as an apostle.

By Julia Rosati
C4Y Singer
St. Joseph High School Student, Class of 2019

Delegation attends National Black Catholic Congress

“The 12th National Black Catholic Congress was held in Orlando, Florida immediately following the USCCB Convocation of Leaders for Evangelization. It was amazing to watch over 2200 attendees from all over the country come together to worship and participate in a historical event that is crucial to the Catholic Church and the African American Community,” says Fr. Reginald Norman, Pastor of Our Lady of Fatima Church in Wilton and Episcopal Vicar for African American Catholics in the Diocese of Bridgeport.