New Governance Model for Stamford Catholic Schools

STAMFORD—Bishop Frank J. Caggiano has announced a new governance model for Stamford’s Trinity Catholic High School, aligning its governance with that of the Catholic Academy of Stamford. The announcement was made on January 9 in front of an interested audience of nearly two hundred parents and families.

“The new governance model is a major step forward as we work to redesign our schools and plan for the future,” said Bishop Caggiano. “The model will help to promote investment and innovation, and contribute to the overall transformation of Catholic education in our diocese.”

During the meeting, presentations were made on the new Personalized Learning initiatives, which both schools are rolling out, as well as updates on the recently-completed renovations to the Trinity campus. Attendees toured the new facilities prior to the start of the meeting.

Trinity Catholic is only the second of five Catholic high schools in the Diocese to shift to a new governance model, which will eventually create a single educational institution for students beginning Pre-K 3 through grade 12. The Catholic Academy of Stamford has operated under this form of governance since its formation in 2017.

As part of the integration of the two institutions, The Catholic Academy’s upper school, covering grades 6-8, is scheduled to move-in to a newly renovated space in the Trinity building this fall 2019-20 school year. Those renovations will be completed by April.

The campus at Trinity Catholic has been in a series of renovations to its athletic fields and main building for two years. Phase three, which added new classrooms, administrative offices, a guidance wing and center for the school’s newly-formed Learning Center are complete and are being dedicated in a special ceremony on January 30.

Under the new governance model, the diocese will continue to sponsor both schools and provide global vision. A nine-person local board of directors will provide oversight and decision-making authority, to both institutions, on a day-to-day basis.

The bishop said that although the majority of new directors currently serve on The Catholic Academy of Stamford’s board of directors, the change in governance represents a major change relative to the authority of the Board over both Trinity and the Catholic Academy.

“Given the strong business and Catholic school background of the individual directors, we have only the highest expectations for Trinity Catholic High School and the Catholic Academy of Stamford’s future,” the bishop said.

The board of directors will assume their new level of responsibility for both institutions on July 1, 2019.

The new directors of the board are:

Dr. Steven F. CheesemanSuperintendent of Schools for the Diocese of Bridgeport (ex-officio)

Roger FoxChairperson
Roger is a Senior Vice-president at Merrill Lynch. He graduated from Fairfield University and lives in Stamford with his three children, all graduates of Trinity Catholic High School, and five grandchildren- four of which attend The Catholic Academy of Stamford.

Harold SpitzfadenVice-Chairperson
Harold is a corporate tax executive and CPA. He serves as an advisor to RSR partners. Prior to this, Harold was VP of Novartis Corp. Harold graduated from Seaton Hall with an MBA from Rutgers. Harold and his wife live in New Canaan.

Carol TuschFinance Chair
Carol is the Director of Trust Investments for International Paper. Carol and her husband Paul live in Stamford. They have three children all of whom attended Trinity Catholic.

Matt MurphyFinance Chair
Matt is a Senior VP at People’s Bank. Matt graduated from Fordham University where he also earned his MBA. He and his wife Amy live in Stamford with their two daughters.

Dr. Darcy RonanAcademic Chair
After several leadership positions in curriculum development in public schools, Darcy has become a professor in the Teacher Education Department at Sacred Heart University. Darcy graduated from Boston College and has a PHD in Science Education from Columbia University. Darcy lives in Fairfield with her husband Steve and three children.

Bruce Moore Jr.—Facilities Chair An alumnus of Trinity Catholic, in 2018, Bruce was named President of Eastern Land Management, here in Stamford. Bruce lives in Stamford with his wife Lauren and their three children.

Frank Brown—Board Affairs/Nominations Chair
Frank is an attorney here in Stamford. He graduated from St. Cecilia Grammar School, St. Basil’s Prep and the University of Notre Dame. Frank earned his legal degree from Boston University and an MBA from UConn. Frank lives in Stamford with his wife Janet and three children.

Anthony Fernandez—Marketing/Enrollment Chair
Tony is currently an independent advisor having started his own firm AFF Advisors. Prior to that Tony held several major executive positions with Pepsi, Cadbury and Kraft Foods. Tony graduated from Lafayette College where he currently serves on the Board of Trustees. Tony and his wife Sue live in Ridgefield with their three daughters.

Nancy Grimm—Cardinal Kung Academy Representative
Nancy has a background in classics having graduated from The Great Books program at St. Thomas Aquinas College in California. Nancy will serve on the board as a representative of Cardinal Kung Academy, a classical education division of Trinity Catholic High School. Nancy and her husband have six children.

Patricia E. “Pat” Brady—Head of School/Chief Education Officer (ex-officio)
Pat, a thirty-year veteran educator, is the Head of School for both Trinity Catholic High School and Catholic Academy. She lives in Stamford.

Scott Smith—Principal/Student Life- Trinity Catholic High School (ex-officio)
Scott is the Principal of Trinity Catholic High School. He lives in Prospect, Connecticut with his wife and children.

Natalia Cruz—Principal/Student Life- the Catholic Academy of Stamford (ex-officio)
Natalia is Principal of both the Upper and Lower Schools of The Catholic Academy of Stamford. She lives in the Bronx, New York with her husband and three children, the youngest of which attends the Catholic Academy of Stamford.