Bishop Caggiano Encourages March Participants

Today, I would like to thank, encourage and send my spiritual support to those attending the March for Life in Washington DC. In a world that has strayed so far from the Gospel of life, I am inspired by their profound witness to the Truth. I wish I were able to attend with the hundreds of thousands of pilgrims present at the March, but my Diocesan obligations did not allow for me to make the journey. Please be assured of my prayers for all who are protesting against the evil of abortion.

I am especially proud of our seminarians and the young people of the Diocese of Bridgeport, who took the long trek to Washington. Many of them are traveling long hours, or sleeping overnight in sleeping bags, or braving the cold, the snow, and the rain. Thank you for standing with those who stand for life.

In a society where people want us to be quiet and not stand for the things we really believe in, I am proud of those who stand with the Lord and the Gospel of Life to show the world what we as Catholics really believe: In taking on human life, Christ has blessed every human life. What God has blessed, we too must bless, from the moment of natural conception to the moment of natural death.

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