Bishop Caggiano travels to Synod 2018 in Rome

Later this afternoon I will be traveling to Rome to join the Synod on Youth and Vocational Discernment. While I still do not have the daily schedule for the Synod, the Synod Office has announced that the proceedings will last four weeks and involve over 300 participants from every continent. While I am humbled at the prospect to be part of such an important moment in the life of the Church, I am also very aware of the need for prayers for myself and everyone who will form part of this critically significant event in the ministry on behalf of young people.

Please pray for me and the other bishops at the Synod. Please ask the Holy Spirit to guide what we will be discussing, so that it can be of true service to our youth and young people. I myself am praying for the gift of listening to my brother bishops, each of whom brings a unique perspective and will share the different challenges that their young people face in ordinary life. I am praying for a spirit of humility for everyone in attendance, that we will not seek to advocate our own personal agenda but to become instruments through whom the Lord will make His will known.

I will share periodic updates on the work of the Synod as it unfolds. For now, I need to finish packing and then to JFK!

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