Bishop Frank Comments on NY Abortion Law

As World Youth Day celebrations continue here in Panama, I was deeply saddened to learn about the recent law passed in my former home state that has liberalized the state’s already permissive laws for abortion. The fact that these new sets of regulations were signed into law on the anniversary of Roe vs. Wade is itself a travesty. However, to consider that countless more unborn children will be robbed of their God-given right to enjoy the gift of life- a gift that only God can give and only God can take away- must become a moment of real decision for all Christian believers and every reasonable person of good will.

How disturbing is the state of our contemporary American society that chooses to blatantly disregard human life, both unborn life and life that is vulnerable at any age. It is an undeniable fact that no past society has prospered if it did not at the same time value, protect and nurture the sacredness of every human life. What path are we forging for ourselves as a society when politicians, claiming to refrain from following their own conscience in favor of reflecting the “will” of their constituents, allow laws that attack life in the womb? Is not government designed in part to protect the vulnerable in our midst?

Do not these same government and societal leaders claim to be inclusive of all people? If so, why do they close the door on the unborn and not welcome these children into our midst? Do they not claim to be tolerant and seek to create a “large tent” in which everyone can be accepted? If so, why are the unborn not given a place in that “tent”?

As Christians, we must stand with our children by rejecting without exception the sin of abortion. We must remain steadfast in our commitment to protect unborn life, as well as support every human life at any age. We must lead by the personal witness of our own lives. We must find new and effective ways to provide material and spiritual support for those mothers who wish to bring their children into the world. And we must pray for the conversion of our society, which claims to be tolerant and welcoming, that it may do so precisely for the unborn in our midst.

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