Bishop Frank’s Miracle Story

As we continue to reflect upon the gift of miracles, I have my own miracle story to share.

When I was a seminarian living my pastoral year at Saint Sylvester’s Church in City Line, Brooklyn, one day in late October I had accepted an invitation attend a friend’s musical recital held at Queens College. So at mid-morning I set out for the college by car. At that time in my life, as a young (and stubborn) man, I almost never wore my seat belt. As I left the parish, this day was no exception.

During my drive, I stopped three times at red lights- the last situating me on Woodhaven Blvd near the old Drake Theater. Interestingly enough, as soon as I left the parish, I felt uneasy and could sense, as if someone were speaking to me in my mind, that I needed to put my seat belt on. I ignored it for a time until I was stopped at a red light for the second time. At that point, the feeling was overwhelming and so I put my belt on. I did not realize how important that action was until I stopped the third time at another red light. It was at that moment that a truck driving over 45 mph struck my car from behind, causing it to be propelled almost 200 feet up Woodhaven Blvd. The last memory I had was to see the bumper of the truck shatter my hatch door.

When I regained consciousness, a policeman was standing on the roof of my car (which had buckled) and I was lying on my back (with my seat broken) and the bumper of the truck only three inches from my head. I was able to get out of the car, without any serious injury. After I was taken to the hospital, I was quickly released. Later on that day, after I arrived home, I also realized that I did not even have a single scratch!

As I reflect back to that singular day of grace in my life, I know that miracles are real. We need to learn how to see them, and at times even listen for them!

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