Bishop gives thanks for ‘miracle’ of Cardinal Kung Academy

STAMFORD—Last spring, a passionate group of men and women entered into Superintendent of Catholic Schools Steve Cheeseman’s office with a dream: opening up a new school dedicated to classical and affordable Catholic education.

They sought approval from Dr. Cheeseman, and then presented their idea to Bridgeport Bishop Frank J. Caggiano, who was fully supportive.

There was just one problem. The group came forward with the idea in the spring of 2018, and they wanted to start the new school September.

“I must confess, at first I thought, ‘that’s crazy,’” said Dr. Cheeseman at the official ribbon cutting of the Cardinal Kung Academy on September 5th. “But it takes a little bit of crazy to try something new. And of course, here we are, gathered today to bless the school!”

Though the heat index approached 100 degrees on a sweltering late summer afternoon in Stamford, there was not a single complaint from the 20 students gathered for the ribbon cutting and blessing, nor the teachers, administrators, or parents gathered. Rather, a spirit of optimism and promise, that often accompanies the new school year, permeated the air.

Nancy Grimm, a member of the original group that approached the Bishop about the possibility of opening a new school earlier this year, led off the ceremony with brief words of welcome, and to share a bit about how the group arrived at this historic moment.

“It takes a leap of faith to join a school that is only a few months old,” said Grimm, who is also a parent of a student attending the academy, “but that faith will be rewarded. Our teachers and our staff are so excited to get started. And our patron, Cardinal Kung, will intercede for us.”

Grimm was followed by Superintendent Steve Cheeseman, who offered his remarks of gratitude for the work Grimm and the Board of Cardinal Kung Academy.

“Without your tireless devotion and hard work, we would not be here today,” he said.

Bishop Frank Caggiano concluded the ceremony, offering his thanks to all involved, and offered a few parting words of wisdom on the school’s patron.

“First, let us give thanks for the miracle that is this school,” he began. “The patron of this school, Cardinal Kung, was a man of tremendous faith, who believed in all of his heart that Jesus was his savior—and he spent years in prison because he would not betray him.”

“We must learn from his example, and live a life of virtue and faith, and the rest is up to God!”

After delivering his address and cutting the ribbon at the front of the school, the crowd sang the Salve Regina in thanksgiving for the occasion.

The ceremony concluded as Bishop Frank blessed each class room and administrative space, and gathered in joy with all present for a brief reception.

Cardinal Kung Academy is a division of Trinity Catholic High School in Stamford. For information, contact Cardinal Kung Academy at or phone: 203.918.0992.