Bishop puts “Faith” on tap in Stamford

STAMFORD—Over 60 people gathered last night at Murphy’s Townhouse Café in Stamford, CT, for the Faith on Tap, an evening of fellowship and faith for Catholic young adults.

This monthly event, hosted by the Basilica of St. John the Evangelist, is often crowded with young professionals from throughout the Diocese, but was particularly full on this evening, due to this month’s speaker.

Bishop Frank Caggiano took the podium to excited applause and palpable anticipation, speaking for just over 20 minutes on missionary discipleship. Speaking to the captivated crowd, bishop shared Pope Francis’ vision for the church as a field hospital, accompanying and helping brothers and sisters in need.

“In a world that says Christians are all talk and no action, in a world that says there are too many Christians who claim to believe, but look and live like everyone else, Pope Francis is saying it is time for us to put our money where our mouth is, one person at a time.”

The bishop also detailed the three ways we can answer the call of the Holy Father to be missionary disciples in our lives. In order to go out on mission, the bishop said, we must first have a clear idea of what our mission is, we must go to the peripheries, and we must accompany people, one person at a time.

The evening ended with a question and answer session with Bishop Frank.

You can hear Bishop Frank’s entire speech from Faith on Tap here.