Bishop’s Christmas Message

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In this audio message, Bishop Frank J. Caggiano reflects on the meaning of Christmas in troubled times when many people around the globe are suffering from wars, terrorism and other dislocation.

The Bishop says that Christmas gives us “the enduring mystery of the incarnation,” that God is with us and shares our human life with us, the joys and challenges along with our pain and suffering. “The word Emmanuel beautifully describes the gift of Christmas,” says the Bishop as he asks us to pray for our sisters and brothers throughout the world who are vulnerable and suffering.

The Bishop reminds us that the “enduring challenge” of Christmas and what makes us worthy of this great gift is to become “messengers of Emmanuel” is to help bring Christ’s love to the world and to reach out to those who are lonely or in need of hope.

“On this joyous day, let us ask for the special grace to be Emmanuel’s messenger. Let us be His hands, feet, and voice, and to bring his love to a waiting world, so that one day all people of good will shall see the place where their hope and salvation was born in the manger of Bethlehem. I pray that our Heavenly Father will abundantly bless you and all those you love this day with every grace. Merry Christmas!”