‘Blessing of the Animals’ tradition continues

TRUMBULL—Last Sunday, October 4, was the feast of St. Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals, merchants and ecology and the occasion of a beloved tradition at St. Catherine of Siena Parish.

Father Joseph Marcello, pastor of St. Catherine’s greeted dozens of the parish’s pets for a prayer and a special blessing.

Every kind of pet was accounted for—from a singing parakeet to an 100-pound turtle, who was a big hit with the crowd.

The beautiful October weather allowed parishioners and pets to gather safely outside.

The Parish of Saint Catherine of Siena warmly welcomes anyone who is new to the area, anyone who is searching for the truth, or anyone who is looking for a spiritual home.

“We are joyfully and faithfully Roman Catholic in belief and practice—a community of faith, worship, service, and formation—and with open hearts we invite all our brothers and sisters into a living and saving friendship with the Lord Jesus Christ, in the communion of His One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church,” said Father Marcello.

St. Catherine of Siena Parish is located at 220 Shelton Road in the Nichols area of Trumbull.

Photos by Amy Mortensen