St. Augustine Guild

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The new St. Augustine Guild has been formed to affirm the youth of the Diocese of Bridgeport by helping to support the operations of the Diocesan Youth Choir through membership contributions. Your membership will help to ensure that the Christmas Choir and other musical events throughout the year become a new tradition in the diocese.

A Message from the Bishop
bishop-headshot-c4yI am very proud to announce the formation of the new St. Augustine Guild to support the Diocesan Youth Choir. We will be asking all those who are able to consider yearly membership in the Choir at different levels that help us promote and sustain this initiative. If you would like to learn more, please register as a member or make a gift below and help me in this important outreach to young people in our diocese.
It is often said that “singing is praying twice”, and this Friday we will experience that for ourselves as our young people “Arise and Shine” to celebrate our Lord and the joy of Christmas. Now is our time to help them lift up their voices in praise and bring their tremendous youthful enthusiasm into our lives and the lives of our local Church as we seek renewal.
I am grateful for all of your prayerful participation and I hope that you are able to join me in this effort as we move toward the full celebration of Christmas in our lives.