Campaign to Oppose Assisted Suicide

HARTFORD– The Connecticut Catholic Public Affairs Conference will take its message against assisted suicide through various media platforms to oppose legislation that will tear apart the fabric of our society.

“Protecting life is essential, and it’s time politicians understand their responsibilities are to protect people from abuse and harm,” said Chris Healy, Executive Director of the Connecticut Catholic Public Affairs Conference. “Instead of deciding who dies through experimental suicide drugs, we should focus on improving access to end-of-life care for the terminally ill and provide access and care for people with disabilities.

“As is usually the case, the politicians have neglected to consider the implications of their policies,” said Healy. “We’ve seen too many times in other states, where physician assisted suicide is legal, that big insurance companies are denying life sustaining treatments like chemotherapy and offering assisted suicide as an alternative. Assisted suicide is not a legitimate substitute for good medical care.

“The role of insurance companies in medical decision making could create an environment where physician assisted suicide is abused.

“We want to make sure the public is educated on this issue and the widespread ramifications of this shortsighted policies,” added Healy.

To watch the advertisements that will run on television and online, follow these links: “A Dollar Twenty” “Denied” “Profit”