How Can We Love Someone We Spend No Time With?

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The following Lenten reflection originally appeared on Bishop Frank Caggiano’s Facebook page. Follow the Bishop for daily reflections and weekly videos throughout this sacred season!

In our very busy world, perhaps one of the greatest possessions we have is our time. Pressed by many demands, we often show our true priorities when we examine how we use our time each day. For if we do not find time for something, it often means that we have not made it a priority in our life.

At times we may struggle to fine quality time to offer our prayers in a reflective and reverent way. The demands of family, work and even ministry seem to take immediate urgency. However, when we fail to offer quality time to the Lord, what does that say about our priorities? To this end, the author of In Sinu Jeus offers these words revealed to him in prayer from the Lord that we must all consider carefully:

“There is more time in a day than what is measured by hours and minutes. I am the Lord of all time, and time given in tribute to Me is of greater worth than time invested in the most weary labours. I do not ask that you stop doing the tasks that are before you, but only that you put Me before all else, giving the best of your time and the greater portion to Me alone (p. 264).”