The Rule of St. Benedict

On July 11th, the Church celebrates the Feast of Saint Benedict, the father of Western monasticism and the founder of the Benedictine Order. The Rule that he composed to oversee the life of the monks is both insightful and timely for all Christians to reflect upon, Read More ››

The dewfall

When I was a young boy, Wednesday was my favorite day of the week for two reasons. First, it was the day when we had release time, allowing school to end at 1:00 PM so that the children from public school could come to religion class. Read More ››

We Stand with Innovators

As we strive to position our Catholic schools for greater academic excellence and long term financial stability, strategic planning is an essential tool. While we need to maintain the essence and heart of Catholic education, we must also adopt the best of modern practice and pedagogy, Read More ››