Charity Through Action

“For me it was really the kids,” says Jessica Carroll, explaining why she and her husband Brian agreed to become lay chairs at St. Catherine of Siena Parish in Trumbull for the 2017 Annual Catholic Appeal. “They are at the age, nine and ten years old, where we can have substantive conversations about showing charity through action.”


St. Mary’s Congregation Recreates City of Bethlehem

There was something missing from St. Mary’s on the city’s East Side, something that became more urgent as summer turned to fall and the subject of Christmas decorations came up. Until a few months ago, St. Mary’s was guided by the Rev. Matthew Bernelli who had been with the church about 12 years. During those years he set up an elaborate Nativity scene in front of the altar. But when he retired, that Nativity scene went with him.


This Little Light of Mine

“This little light of mine, I’m going to make it shine,” sang the entire 14-member cast of the St. Catherine Academy Christmas Pageant as they held tiny candles in their hands. And that light shone in their faces and their voices as they sang in the yearly pageant before Bishop Frank J. Caggiano and an audience of 200 people at St. Catherine Special Needs Center.