Catholic Academy of Stamford honors Virgin Mary

STAMFORD—On May 31st, The Catholic Academy of Stamford honored Mary, the Mother of God, and crowed her with a beautiful crown of roses. The celebrant was Bishop Frank Caggiano, and the co-celebrants were Father Bert Pinciaro, Pastor of St. Cecelia’s Church, and father Joseph Gill, Chaplain of the Academy. The combination of Bishop Caggiano and The Catholic Academy of Stamford community made for a Mass that brought the community closer to God.

It was an amazing experience to celebrate the crowning of Mary with the Bishop and Fr. Bert, but what heightened the experience was listening to the school choir singing songs to honor our Blessed Mother. Their sweet, gentle voices lifted the spirit and allowed those in attendance to feel closer to our Mother Mary. There is nothing like going to a school mass and seeing our future leaders participating in the celebration of Mass. If you ever have the opportunity in the future to attend such a Mass, by all means do; it is so moving and refreshing, and certainly rejuvenates your faith.

At the end of mass the Bishop requested a receiving line so that he could shake the hand of every student, faculty, staff member, and visitors. It was important to the Bishop to look into the eyes of the students of the Academy and greet them with a “thank you” for being part of the celebration. At the end of mass Ms. Brady presented the Bishop with a gift on behalf of the Academy. It was a spiritual bouquet; a painting of a cross and inside of the cross was the finger print of the entire Catholic Academy community.

The Catholic Academy of Stamford is blessed to have the support from Bishop Caggiano, Fr. Bert, and Fr. Joseph Gill. Because of their support and dedication the Catholic Academy is allowed to grow in Knowledge, Faith and Service, the Academy’s motto.