Catholic Cemeteries • DIOCESE OF BRIDGEPORT


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At the Catholic Cemeteries of the Diocese of Bridgeport, we are committed to providing cemetery property for the sacred religious function of burial. We are also committed to perserving these resting places as a symbol of our Catholic belief. Some of our cemeteries offer community mausoleums for those who prefer above ground burial.


A community at rest in the hope of the Resurrection

Catholic Cemeteries are permanent, sacred spaces. They are stirring natural sanctuaries that house the temple of the body with the promise for everlasting life. They are a sanctuary for the living and an extension of our parishes. They are a place for prayer, reflection, hope and remembrance.

The cemetery is a vital part of Catholic life, expressing our faith, reverence and respect for sacred burial on consecrated grounds. The cemetery represents the final “farewell” to the deceased in his final “commendation to God” by the Church. By gathering at the cemetery and placing the deceased in his final resting place, the family and friends celebrate the fact that life is everlasting and that they will be united once again in the kingdom of God. Within the blessed grounds of a Catholic cemetery there are safeguards—mandated by the Church’s Canon Law—which guarantee permanence, reverence and respect for the remains of the deceased.

Catholic cemeteries have a long tradition of dedicated service to the Catholic Community including non-Catholic spouses, children, parents and other relatives.

Christians with a connection to the Catholic community may also be buried in the Catholic Cemeteries.