Thomas Awiapo Shares Inspiring Story

BRIDGEPORT—Thomas Awiapo, a spokesperson for Catholic Relief Services, will be touring the Diocese this weekend to share his inspiring story of survival and success in the face of poverty and malnutrition.

Growing up in a small African village in Ghana, Thomas was orphaned before the age of ten and left on his own to struggle for survival.  He was the second of four brothers; his youngest two brothers died of malnutrition and lack of care. His search for food led him to an elementary school, where he was fed a small meal every day. He survived, studied, and eventually won scholarships to attend college. He later earned a master’s degree from California State University.

Today, Thomas works with Catholic Relief Services as a consultant and integral part in bringing global solidarity. He lives in Ghana with his wife and four children. His story of initiative and his joyful presence has brought inspiration to thousands of people in the U.S.

Thomas will be speaking at Sacred Heart University on Thursday evening, St. Joseph High School on Friday, and St. Philip Church in Norwalk at weekend Masses.

You can learn more about Thomas, his work, and CRS Ghana on the CRS Website.

Photos by Michelle Babyak