A Powerful Time of Prayer and Music

BRIDGEPORT—On Saturday, October 27, more than 150 people gathered for prayer at St. Augustine Cathedral in Bridgeport for Catholic Underground. Catholic Underground is a ministry started by the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal that invites people to a time of Eucharistic Adoration including sung Vespers, or Evening Prayer, silent prayer and meditative praise and worship music. Catholic Underground is also characterized by the celebration of Catholic art and culture, such as a concert, art exhibit, film or play, which follows the Holy Hour.

The Office of Faith Formation at the Diocese of Bridgeport sponsored October’s Catholic Underground, which was hosted by Fr. Michael Novajosky, the rector of the Cathedral, and his staff. Music for the event’s Eucharistic Holy Hour was led by Kevin Donovan and Katie Keogler of St Rose of Lima Church in Newtown, who were accompanied by several other musicians.

Following a powerful time of prayer, there was a short intermission before internationally-known performer Tony Melendez shared his gifts and story in a concert. Tony Melendez was born without arms as a result of a medication his mother was prescribed during pregnancy. At a young age, Tony learned to play guitar using his toes, and in 1987 he performed for St. John Paul II during his visit to the United States. Following this performance, and a famous kiss on the cheek from the future saint, Tony has recorded seven full-length albums, written a book and performed in numerous countries throughout the world, all while affirming his faith, trust and gratitude to God.

Tony’s performance at Catholic Underground included songs in both English and Spanish, and involved the crowd in songs that were both up-beat and meditative and prayerful. Tony’s witness and faith that God has been providing for him and loving him throughout the most difficult times of his life truly inspired and energized all who attended the evening.

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