Celebrating National Catholic Schools Week

BRIDGEPORT—Catholic Schools offer us the opportunity to celebrate the many successes of our Catholic schools and the many options eat each of our communities can offer,” says Dr. Steven Cheeseman, Superintendent of Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Bridgeport.

There are 29 Catholic schools educating almost 9,000 young people in the Diocese of Bridgeport. Most are scheduling open houses and other activities this week.

“As we celebrate Catholic Schools Week with Masses, open houses and various activities, we welcome families to look into the value that Catholic education provides to young people and to our communities,” he said.

Dr. Cheeseman said that Catholic Schools are “built on the solid foundation nof academic excellence and faith. We provide a balanced academic curriculum that integrates with faith, culture and real world learning to forms, inform and transform our students.”

Financial assistance is available to all through the Bishop’s Scholarship Fund. For more information on Catholic schools in the diocese visit

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