Celebrating One Year of The Face of Prayer

This week The Face of Prayer will publish its 52nd video, marking one year since this campaign started. It has been a great joy and privilege sharing my video reflections on prayer with you each week, and I hope you found them to be helpful! I have been deeply touched by the many people who have shared their own reflections of prayer with me on my social media accounts or through our email newsletter.

I am also quite grateful to all who continue to make this campaign a reality- specifically Patrick Donovan, Luciane Urban and Jessica Nayden, amongst others.

As Catholics, we strive to enter ever more deeply into a relationship with the One who created us, with a God who is Love, and who loves us unconditionally. The purpose of The Face of Prayer is to help us journey together towards that deeper relationship with God, through his son, Jesus Christ.

As we enter into our second year of this important ministry, we will be embarking on a new and exciting chapter of The Face of Prayer, focusing on questions of our young people about prayer. I will explain more on our vision for this journey together next week.

By: Bishop Frank Caggiano, Bishop of Bridgeport