Pro-Life Rally set for May 21

Connecticut Pregnancy Care Coalition sponsors pro-life rally to defend the work and reputation of the pregnancy resource centers in our state on Tuesday, May 21, 2019, noon, at the State Capitol.

This past week the House of Representatives passed H.B. 7070, which subjects the advertising of pro-life pregnancy care centers to the oversight and authority of the Attorney General of Connecticut. The Attorney General will have sole discretion in determining whether the advertising is appropriate or not. The bill passed with strong support of the abortion lobby and the Democratic members of the House. These centers honestly and openly serve hundreds of women in our state seeking assistance and an alternative to abortion. Litigation created by this bill, even if using false claims, could easily put these centers out of business. The centers are not able to recover legal costs under this bill, even if a court rules the claim is false.

Representative Christine Palm (D-36, Chester, Dep River, Essex, Haddam), a strong supporter and advocate for abortion rights, said that this bill was about the “Truth”. Unfortunately, she and many other democrats repeated so called facts that reflected fiction more than truth.

The Truth and Facts:

  • H.B. 7070 specifically targets only centers that do not perform or refer for abortions
  • There has never been a documented complaint against a pregnancy resource center in Connecticut, including at the public hearing on this legislation
  • The effort to regulate pro-life pregnancy centers is part of a national campaign by abortion advocacy groups
  • Centers in Connecticut do not use deceptive or misleading advertising
  • Only licensed medical staff wear white jackets or scrubs at pregnancy resource centers. Volunteers do not
  • No pregnancy resource center in Connecticut advertises it is a comprehensive medical clinic
  • Pregnancy resource centers offer support and options for a woman not offered at abortion clinics
  • Pregnancy resource centers receive high marks from the women they serve

The list goes on, but right now we need your support at the Connecticut Pregnancy Care Coalition rally this coming Tuesday. Please help us defeat this legislation, which is clearly aimed at people who believe unborn life is precious.

The Connecticut Pregnancy Care Coalition is a trade association representing many of the pregnancy resource centers in Connecticut.