Corpus Christi procession will take to the streets of Nichols

TRUMBULL—This Sunday, following the 10:30 am Mass, St. Catherine of Siena is taking the Corpus Christi procession to the streets of Nichols!

The planned route is about one mile, down Shelton Road and to the Nichols Improvement Association field, Father Marcello will hold benediction at the gazebo, before returning to the Church.

At last year’s Corpus Christi procession, the noon Mass was filled with music, ablaze with candles, rich with incense. The notes of a trumpet announced the opening hymn, and the outstanding choir sang the Corpus Christi sequence a cappella.

Led by the choir, the procession with the triumphant cross, candle-bearers, incense and the brilliant monstrance overshadowed by a golden canopy circled the park-like grounds of St. Catherine’s campus. At the close of the observance, parishioners gave emotional thanks to Father Marcello for providing them with such a heart-filling proclamation of their faith.

“The Eucharist is not merely a symbol of Jesus. The Eucharist is not just a reminder of Jesus. The Eucharist is not blessed bread,” Father Marcello told his congregation. “The Eucharist is Jesus Christ himself: body, blood, soul, and divinity.”

This year’s procession will have the same goal in mind…”to lead people to Christ in the Eucharist,” says Father Marcello.

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