CYAs’ “Summer Splash”: A Model Faith Community

WESTON—The Catholic Young Adults of Greater Danbury (CYAGD) organized and hosted the 3rd Annual “Summer Splash” on Sunday, August 5, at St. Francis of Assisi parish in Weston. Father John Connaughton of St. Thomas More parish in Darien celebrated the Mass accompanied by very moving live music provided by Caitlin McElroy and Ryan Moore, followed by a pizza party (with water fight) in the parish hall and backyard space.

The CYAGD organizers did an outstanding job of gathering their group for the event, as well as opening it up and promoting it to all CYAs in the diocese.

The young adults from CYAGD are a model faith community in action. Maria Mullen, a long-time advisor to the CYAGD group, has observed, “The CYAGD is an exemplary group of faithful young adults who attend Mass and have relationships with each other.” They have become closely bonded, love one another as brothers and sisters, and truly enjoy being together.

Those gathered remarked on the genuine good time they were having whether it be when in prayer together or competing in a water gun fight. They were able to enjoy both at “Summer Splash.” The success of this remarkable, close-knit faith community is worth celebrating.

Michelle Silverio, 23, attended Sunday’s “Summer Splash” observed that while her peers in the greater world rely on texting to connect with others, she prefers being in person with friends and seeing their smiles.

CYA “Summer Splash” builds community. This year’s event exemplified the model we all need right now: Love for one another, supporting one another during life’s ups and downs, and surrounding one’s self in a faith community. Showing up. Living as God intended, and enjoying life and the abundance He has given us. Living as Christ teaches, as brothers and sisters in a loving community of faith.