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(last update: 11/13/2017)
Note: the Portal is still being developed so these instructions will be revised when necessary.

    Introduction / Getting Started
    The goal of the Volunteer Portal is to develop and maintain a central database of people who have shown interest in volunteering at the Diocese. Besides saving the contact information of potential volunteers, the Portal can also be used to record contact history and assign persons to opportunities.

    Click here for a typical example of how the Volunteer Portal would be used.

    Volunteers & Interest

  • What is the source of the volunteer data that appears in the Portal?
  • What if the same volunteer submits interest to the Portal multiple times?
  • Why do some volunteer records have information missing?
  • Can I see a list of all volunteers in the system?
  • I manage Catholic Charities. Can I see a list of Catholic Charities volunteers?
  • Can I see a list volunteers interested in multiple, specific areas (such as those interested in Catholic Charities and Catholic Schools)?
  • Can I search for a volunteer(s) based on criteria like last name, home city, etc.?
  • I see how to add a new volunteer (left menu item). How do I edit an existing volunteer record?
  • Can I bulk edit volunteer records? Duplicate a volunteer? Delete volunteers?
  • If I reach out to a volunteer, is there a way to keep track of my contact history?
  • Can I print / export a list of volunteers?
  • What is an archived volunteer?
    Note: the record-handling options and procedures for opportunities and the same as volunteers (described above). The following Q&A describes features specific to opportunities:

  • What opportunities appear in the Not Active report?
  • What is the Opportunity Notes section for?
  • If I create an opportunity for my area (i.e. Catholic Charities), will I see a list of only area-interested volunteers when I assign someone?
  • Can I assign the same volunteer to an opportunity multiple times?