Register Here: Diocesan Mass to honor healthcare workers

BRIDGEPORT- Bishop Frank J. Caggiano will celebrate a special Mass this Spring for all healthcare workers throughout the Diocese.

The special celebration of Mass to honor workers will take place on Saturday, May 29, 2021 at 11:00 AM in Saint Joseph Church, Brookfield.

Bishop Caggiano said he felt it was important that the diocese recognize healthcare workers and participants in the Ambassador program called for in his pastor exhortation, “Let us Enter the Upper Room with the Lord.”

“Over this past year, many of our healthcare workers offered heroic service on behalf of those who fell ill with the Coronavirus, often risking their own lives to care for those who were sick. While I am sure that we have kept them in our prayers each day, we also look forward to this opportunity to affirm their healthcare ministry,” he said.

Registration Healthcare Mass: Given the limited capacity in Church due to the pandemic, participants will be required to register online. Register here.