Diocesan Statement On Kevin Wallin

The Diocese of Bridgeport was deeply disappointed to learn that Kevin Wallin failed another drug test during his house confinement and probation period.

The diocese realizes the challenges faced by those struggling with addiction and has worked to guide and support Kevin Wallin in the recovery process since his initial release from prison in July 2016.

As part of that support structure, he has attended support groups and 12-step meetings in the area and has been meeting regularly with a member of the Diocesan Addiction Support and Healing Team to develop a strong platform for sobriety. He has also taken part in the Support Court program offered by the US District Court. This program is a supervised, comprehensive treatment program for substance abusers under Federal pre-trial and post-conviction supervision.

The Court’s decision today based on the violation of his probation through repeated relapses reminds us all that addiction is a terrible disease that continues to haunt all those affected by it.

Bishop William E. Lori formally removed the priestly faculties of Kevin Wallin in October 2011, which prohibited him from active ministry or representation of himself as a priest. He has not ministered publicly since July 2011. His laicization process is underway.