Diocese launches the “Call to Renewal” Website

BRIDGEPORT—  The Diocese has launched the “Call to Renewal” website to serve as a guide to the Year of St. Joseph and overall renewal efforts.

The website is designed to provide information related to the spiritual and pastoral renewal of the diocese as called for in Bishop Caggiano’s Pastor Exhortation, “Let us Enter the Upper Room with the Lord.”

“I come to you now, when many may be wondering about the future direction of our Church, to invite you to begin this spiritual journey with me, seeking the Lord’s grace to transform this time of suffering into a springtime of renewal for the life of the Church,” he said in his introductory letter.

The website includes updates on the Year of St. Joseph, the Diocesan Ambassadors Program, opportunities for Reconciliation and Eucharistic Adoration, and more.

“I pray that you will find these resources helpful as we seek to renew our Church in Fairfield County,” said the bishop.

Materials on the website include an introduction from the bishop, a link to his  Pastoral Exhortation in its entirety, which is available in both English and Spanish.  A professionally recorded audio version is also available for those who prefer to listen to it as they drive or perform other tasks.

The website will also feature weekly “Notes from the Upper Room” by Bishop Caggiano along with a timeline explaining the Year of St. Joseph as well as liturgies and activities during the renewal period.

The bishop issued his Pastoral Exhortation on Ash Wednesday urging the people of the diocese to move forward in faith and evangelization. In the letter, he provides the framework that will make it possible by designating  Centers of Mercy and Centers of Eucharistic Adoration throughout the diocese.  He also calls for the commissioning of lay “Ambassadors” to go out into the community later in the year to share their faith and invite others back to the Church. The ambassador training is now underway in the diocese and the new website will feature many of their stories.

To visit the “Call to Renewal” website:, or click “A Call to Renewal” at the top of our Homepage.