Diocese Offers Pre-Screening of ‘Unplanned’

TRUMBULL—On a bus ride back from this year’s March for Life, Dave Janny and ten other members of St. Theresa Parish in Trumbull had the chance to view a movie trailer that made them wonder what they could do to insure that others might be able to be impacted by its message.

“We felt that it was a perfect opportunity to help show the movie and wanted to help make it as successful as possible,” says Dave Janny, a member of the St. Theresa Knights of Columbus Council #8013, a strong pro-life council, who are spearheading the event.

The trailer was for the movie “Unplanned,” which is based on the true events of Abby Johnson’s life and her change of heart as a former director of a Planned Parenthood center.

The St. Theresa Knights of Columbus Council #8013 is hosting a sneak preview event to promote the national release of “Unplanned” at The Klein Memorial Auditorium in Bridgeport on Tuesday, March 19.

The proceeds of this fundraising event will go towards the purchase of tickets for premier week to be distributed to parish and pro-life groups throughout Connecticut. The goal is to create theater buyouts and increase awareness of the movie, which will premiere on Friday, March 29. “It is our hope that this will allow us to purchase a percentage of tickets for groups, parishes and organizations who want to create a theater buyout or attend the movie as a group,” remarked Janny. Council #8013 would like to buy at least 25 percent of tickets for a theater buyout or group ticket purchase upon the movie’s release.

“Theater buyouts are the best way to promote the movie in Connecticut and insure that it has the longest possible run in theaters,” says Janny. “We’re hoping to make this one of the biggest and best pro-life events in Connecticut history,” Janny remarked, explaining that it is the council’s hope that this event will act as a unifier for the pro-life movement in Connecticut.

Doors will open at 6 pm, with a mini pro-life rally, which will feature distinguished pro-life speakers at 7:05 pm and the pre-screening beginning at 7:30 pm. Representatives from the Knights of Columbus and the Diocese of Bridgeport, as well as Hopeline Pregnancy Research Center and Malta House will be there to talk about their cause and their involvement in the pro-life movement.

Tickets are $50 for general admission and $100 for VIP admission. Purchase tickets directly from The Klein Memorial Auditorium at:

“We want to encourage as many people to come to the fundraiser, to create group purchases or theater buyouts…but most of all, we encourage people to go see the movie,” remarked Janny.

(For more information on this event or if you would like help organizing an “Unplanned” theater buyout in your area, please contact Dave Janny at: 203.856.8496 or or Maureen Ciardiello, coordinator of Respect Life Ministry for the Diocese of Bridgeport at: 203.416.1445 or You can also visit the event website at: for new and updated information as the event gets closer. If you are not able to attend our movie sneak preview event but would like to support our effort with a donation, visit:

Disclaimer: This film is rated R. The USCCB has released a memo, indicating the film’s intense and graphic content. From the memo: “An earlier version of the film viewed by some USCCB staff contained graphic content and emotionally and psychologically intense scenes.” The USCCB warns that the film does not contain a trigger warning. A trigger can cause a person to experience a flashback and relive the trauma. It is a decision for prayer and discernment as to whether to view the film or invite others to a film that could provoke intense reactions.