Encountering Christ in the Diocese of Bridgeport

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The first Sundays of my life were spent in the pews of Saint Joseph’s Church in Brookfield. It was here that I first saw Jesus, in the coloring pages of our children’s booklets. And as I started CCD, I heard His name in Christian songs. And as I was anointed with oil on my confirmation, I felt my heart yearning to learn even more about Him. So, I chose to leave the public school system and pursue Jesus in my education at Immaculate High School. It was here that I understood His life while reading the scriptures in our rigorous religion classes.

All of these spiritual seeds were planted by our wonderful diocese and prepared me to then encounter Jesus in everything else I did. I began fully encountering His forgiving love as I attended youth retreats at Saint Rose in Newtown, and felt His hospitality as I joined David Roman at the Saint Joseph’s Danbury youth group. I encountered His patience in Father Jeff Couture who constantly ministered to dozens of IHS students, including myself, at such a pivotal time in our lives. I am forever grateful for this because I have been able to sprout those seeds on my own and bring the love of Jesus outside of our diocesan borders and to my college in New York and in my global mission trip travels.

By: Jillian Mitchell

St. Joseph Church, Brookfield