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Welcome to the Office of Faith Formation

The goal of the Office of Faith Formation is to foster, guide, and support the endeavor of life-long formation in the teachings of Christ and all aspects of the Catholic Faith on both the parish and diocesan levels.

Under the direction of the Bishop, chief catechist of the diocese, the Office of Faith Formation strives to accomplish this goal of catechesis and evangelization for all ages by supporting and building up the following:

Our Ministries

quick-linksIf you have a specific topic you are looking for information on, please see below for our fast links to commonly accessed pages:
I’m looking for information about the Women’s Conference.
I want to learn more about/register for Marriage Preparation.
I need information about RCIA/Rite of Election.
I want to learn more about my fertility or natural family planning methods.
I want to register for a youth ministry event.
I am looking for resources for respect life ministry.
I want to learn what religious education options are available for my children.
My marriage is in trouble, and I am looking for help.
I am looking for resources to use in my classroom/parish/home about faith formation.
I want to learn about young adult activities around the Diocese.
I need help raising my children in the faith.
I am separated or divorced and am looking for support. (link in progress)
I need information about Confirmation. (link in progress)
My loved one just told me they are gay or trans-gendered and I need help and information.