Vigil: For Freedom to Live

HARTFORD – Members of numerous faith communities will hold a “Freedom to Live” candlelight rally Wednesday April 7th starting at 6:00 p.m. at the Minuteman Park, adjacent to the Legislative Office Building in Hartford.

The rally, which is open to the public, will feature speakers on various issues concerning the attacks on free speech, religious freedom, and the freedom to live. The event is sponsored by the Connecticut Catholic Public Affairs Conference (CCPAC) and the Family Institute of Connecticut (FIC).

“This is a critical moment when people who treasure life take a stand against the culture of death,” said Christopher Healy, Executive Director of the CCPAC. “We hope our elected leaders hear the truth that life is not something to be legislated away.”

Speakers will be addressing opposition to Aid in Dying House Bill 6425 – which allows those who are given an arbitrary prognosis the ability to receive deadly drugs to take their lives – and Senate Bill 835 – An Act Concerning Pregnancy Care Centers – which allows the state to effectively close its operations.

“Doctors should not prescribe suicide as a treatment and the legislature should not grant legal immunity to people who help you kill yourself,” said Peter Wolfgang, Executive Director of FIC. “Nor should it legislate viewpoint discrimination against pregnancy centers.”

Those who attend are asked to wear masks and follow social distancing during the duration of the rally.

For Immediate Release
Contact: Chris Healy (860) 966-8468
Peter Wolfgang (860) 548-0066
April 2, 2021