Fall update from St. Rose

NEWTOWN—Lively things are happening at St. Rose School these days. Recently we kicked off our Buddy program which is a cherished tradition and highlight of life in these halls. Older students are paired with younger students to engage in numerous events and activities throughout the year including walking together to Friday school Mass, assemblies, special events and reading activities, which is how the program kicked off this year—buddies reading together outside on a beautiful day.

On October 13, we had the Pumpkin Bowl at which the two 8th-grade homeroom classes compete in a friendly game of flag football on the big field near the school. Homerooms choose a team color and name. This year it was yellow team LIMu EMU & Doug vs. red team Jake from State Farm. Seventh graders put on an awesome halftime show and the rest of the grades, from preschool through 6th-grade dressed in the color of the team they were supporting and all gathered on the sidelines to cheer. It was a truly uplifting afternoon as the music played and everyone from our littlest learners to middle schoolers, faculty and parent onlookers danced and cheered. In the end Jake from State Farm won the Pumpkin trophy but everyone left the field feeling victorious from an afternoon spent together in the vibrant spirit of St. Rose School.

In art class, there are colorful lessons taking place and in 2nd-grade science class students concluded their state of matter unit by conducting a sink or float activity. Seventh-graders in Sister Thaddeus’ Religion class gave presentations on the lives of the saints whom they have chosen for Confirmation names.

These daily discoveries help students in preschool-8th grade bloom in mind, heart and soul.

About St. Rose School

St. Rose of Lima Catholic School is a Christ-centered community committed to academic excellence in an atmosphere that nurtures the spiritual, intellectual, emotional, physical and moral development of each child.

The dedicated staff partners with families to prepare students to be responsible leaders in a global society by fostering integrity, service and respect. By creating a sense of family where all are welcome, St. Rose School encourages each child to develop his/her gifts and to become Christ’s compassionate heart and hands in the world. Their learning community is centered on four core values. These are: respect, integrity, academic excellence and service.

The community’s spirituality is fostered through close connection with St. Rose of Lima Church. Students attend weekly Mass and we are blessed by the continual presence of Monsignor Robert Weiss and the other parish priests.

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