Family Bible Challenge goes national

BRIDGEPORT—The Leadership Institute’s Family Bible Challenge gathered more than 2,500 families to engage in Scripture.

Families tuned in from around the diocese as well as from the dioceses of Dallas, Orange, Rochester, Brooklyn and the archdioceses of Newark and New York.

Now…Family Bible challenge is going national!

In a recent USCCB mailing, Bishop Frank J. Caggiano shared a letter inviting families around the country to participate.

“There is a strong desire of people to learn about their faith,” said Dr. Patrick Donovan, director of The Leadership Institute. “We want people to open their Bibles.”

The Family Bible Challenge takes place seasonally, usually three to four times per week. During each challenge, a theme is adopted.

With a goal of engaging both families and individuals in the Bible, The Leadership Institute sends an email each Sunday (in English and Spanish) with a passage to read and discuss. Quizzes on the material follow on Wednesday.

Seasons usually run six to seven weeks and families can join at any time and all reflections and quizzes are archived online for easy access.

The next season begins on October 18, 2020, and focuses on the beauty of God’s many creations. Drawing on passages from Genesis, Psalms, Daniel, Matthew, and St. Paul’s letter to the Romans, families will be challenged to reflect upon how we care for creation in its many forms.

The Leadership Institute held several trivia nights last spring and has been partnering with Catholic high schools to encourage students to assist with writing future questions. Also benefitting from the Family Bible Challenge are religion classes at diocesan elementary schools.

“St. Jerome tells us that, ‘ignorance of Scripture is ignorance of Christ,’” reflects Bishop Caggiano. “I would add that amidst all the uncertainty in the world today, Scripture is one place we can find hope.”

“I strongly encourage catechists, parents, Catholic school teachers, and my brother priests and bishops to help spread the word about this great resource,” said the bishop.

(Visit to learn more and to sign up.)