Finding Prayer in “Winterizing”

BRIDGEPORT—In these waning days of Autumn, many of us are taking the time for garden clean-up, and other household projects to put things away and get ready for winter. In this Facebook post, Bishop Frank Caggiano writes about “winterizing” his Brooklyn family home and discovering a “conversation of the heart.”

“Late last week I went through my annual ritual of “winterizing” my apartment in Brooklyn. This includes the removal of all air conditioners, the replacement of the screens on the storm doors with panes of glass, the removal of the garden hose and a final cleanup of the front yard. Given the size of the front garden, this last task is the fastest to complete!

As I was doing my chores, I did not at first notice that my mind began to reflect upon the many things that weigh upon my heart. Some of those issues concern the Diocese and others effect my family. I also instinctively began to speak with the Lord, asking Him to guide those in need and to help me to accept His will. However, all of this happened without any conscious decision “to start praying”. It just happened as a wonderful surprise of grace.

In many ways, prayer is meant to be a conversation of the heart with the Lord throughout our daily life. It is speaking with words and without them, creating a space to listen to what He may wish to say or to accept silence as His reply. Prayer is not solely a daily activity to be done but is a time of communion that can take place in the most unlikely of times and places, uniting our heart, mind and will with His.

We must always carve out time in our busy schedule to pray. However, how wonderful it is when the gift of prayer surprises us when we least expect it!”

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