Food Fast 2020 helps raise awareness for world hunger

NORWALK—St. Philip Church recently hosted its annual Food Fast to help raise awareness for world hunger, in collaboration with local parishes and Catholic Relief Services.

Youth and volunteers fasted for 24 hours in solidarity with those who suffer from food insecurity in the world.

Father Sudhir, pastor of St. Philip’s said the parish has been advocating for this cause for more than 18 years. The St. Philip community is passionate about the issue of world hunger and they have worked hard to raise over $360,000 through their efforts over the years.

In a video shown to participants and adult volunteers at the beginning of the event, Bishop Frank J. Caggiano addressed the teens, “I can think of no better way to start Lent than to enter into the sacrifice of the season, and that is exactly what you’re doing—sacrificing of yourself so that someone else may have greater life.”

The bishop promised to pray for the participants and thanked them for their efforts.

Mayor Rilling and Senator Duff joined the group at St. Philip’s to support the effort, and participants heard from guest speaker Dale Williams from the Midnight Run Organization.

“Always very proud of the kids who fast for 30 hours to bring awareness to hunger in our area and around the world. A pleasure to support them every year,” Senator Duff posted on his Facebook page.

“If you are just speaking about hunger, people won’t understand. It is only when you experience being hungry that you can more fully know the pain of others, of people your own age, of people all over the world,” says Dsouza.

Money raised from the event is benefiting the Catholic Relief Service Program, which provides aid to those in need overseas.

(Donations can be made by visiting the parish website at: