Fr. Mollenhauer joins Tribunal workers at Roman Rota

ROME—Our Judicial Vicar, Very Rev. Arthur Mollenhauer, recently attended a seminar for Tribunal workers at the Roman Rota in Rome, Italy.

The seminar lasted for five days (Nov 26-30) and was held at the Apostolic Chancery in Rome. There were over 400 participants from Marriage Tribunals worldwide.

“The course focused on offering pastoral aid and guidance to couples whose matrimonies have failed and are seeking guidance and healing in the annulment process,” explained Fr. Mollenhauer. “There was also a focus on adequate pastoral marriage catechesis and preparation, something that Pope Francis has been asking for with insistence.”

On the last day of the conference, the participants attended a private audience with Pope Francis and listened to a talk prepared by him. They were also able to greet the Holy Father individually.