Fr. Norman Invites All to Join Conversation on Race

BRIDGEPORT—Father Reginald Norman, Episcopal Vicar for African Americans in the Diocese of Bridgeport and pastor of Our Lady of Fatima in Wilton, invites all to join the “Conversation on Race,” a webinar series sponsored by the Leadership Institute, beginning Thursday July 30, 1 pm.

In the following video Father Norman share a few thoughts about why these conversations about race are important, why it’s more than a Catholic issue, and how we can prepare our hearts and minds for the webinar series.

In his welcoming remarks Father Norman defines the problem of racism in personal and Gospel terms and invites all people to work together to seek a solution.

He begins by noting that contemporary Americans played no part in the decisions that enslaved African Americans and led to atrocities against Native Americans, but we all have inherited the aftermath and as followers of Christ have the responsibility to work for change.

“When we talk in this moment in history we are obligated by faith to do our part as God asks us to love him and love one another. We must acknowledge we are all children of God and created in his image… as we work to cure ourselves of the ugly disease of racism,” he says.

Father Norman acknowledges Black Catholics make up less than 3% of the faithful in the diocese. He said many did not feel welcome in the past and that he hopes the conversation will be the first step in bringing people back to the Church and healing the wound of racism.

The Leadership Institute has created a new webpage that includes Father Reggie welcoming and encouraging folks to participate in conversations/webinars; Links to all conversations/registrations; Suggested podcasts; Suggested articles; Suggested videos and movies

Webinars featuring talks by Catholic teachers and those in ministry will be live at 1 pm each Thursday and then rebroadcasts at 7 pm each evening with the Q&A monitored by a member of the Diocesan Ad Hoc Committee Against Racism formed by Bishop Frank J. Caggiano.

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