A Fresh Coat of Paint for Malta House

NORWALK, Conn. – Good Counsel Malta House, a Norwalk organization that helps pregnant and parenting mothers, has a familiar work crew to help spruce the home!

Volunteers from St. Matthew’s Church Knights of Columbus Council No. 14360 painted and office and the dining room area on Saturday, 10-28. The council has been assisting Malta House since 2009 with various painting and remodeling projects and financial assistance.

“It looks awesome…thank you so much. Everything looks so fresh and so clean..smiles…you guys are the best,” said Claudia Nixon, Director of Case Management, Good Counsel Malta House.

Good Counsel Malta House provides a nurturing home environment, support services and independent living skills to pregnant and parenting mothers of all faiths and their children.

“Working with Malta House is a strong Catholic bond that continues to strengthen every day. Those that are there are working to get their lives back on track and when they see that their temporary home continues to be refreshed, they are refreshed,” explains Grand Knight Scott Criscuolo.

“It is an honor and joy for our council to help such a great organization that helps women and children in need,” added George Ribellino, a past grand knight and project chairman.

In the past the council has donated funds for new mattresses, remodeled the nursery, laid tile and painted bedrooms, the common room and the kitchen.

The council schedules 2 painting/remodeling projects each year. “We try to help Good Counsel Malta House save money that can be used to help with the programs for the mothers and children,” said Ribellino.

The nonprofit began in 1995, when Michael O’Rourke learned there was no room for many homeless pregnant women and their newborns.

The young families often found themselves on the street or living in sub-standard conditions. Recently, Malta House formed a collaboration with Good Counsel which runs maternity homes in the tri-state area and beyond. “Linked with Good Counsel’s network and resources, we’ll be able to provide even greater access to health services, education, job skills and more for expectant and parenting mothers,” Petrone said. “Good Counsel also has the ability to provide care for women with substance abuse and mental health disorders, ensuring that no woman who seeks our help will ever have to be turned away. This capability is a win-win for Connecticut and our home in support of human dignity and family stability.” For more info go to

The goals of the Knights of Columbus Council at Saint Matthew Church in Norwalk is to perform acts of charity, providing those in need with a range of support from financial to tactical help in dealing with a wide variety of challenges. Council members work together to foster the founding principles of our order: Charity, Unity, Fraternity & Patriotism. Our goal as a council is to continue to identify specific needs in our community and muster support and help to alleviate these challenges and hardships to the best of our abilities and resources. Go to for more info.